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Performance Check

Do you have any of the following problems?

  • Slow running queries

  • Locking and blocking

  • Application that is starting to run slow

  • Not sure if performance problems are caused by Windows, SQL Server, VM or network

  • Finger pointing regarding performance

  • Need a second opinion regarding performance issues


This is a subset of the Health Check designed to identify areas of your server related to performance such as: slow running queries, locking and blocking, missing indexes, redundant or duplicate indexes, incorrect server settings, missing or wrong maintenance jobs.


As part of the process we check hundreds of SQL Server and environment settings. We compare your server to industry best practices and produce a comprehensive report listing items that need to be fixed along with the resolution. We also provide an Excel checklist so that you can prioritize items to be fixed. With the Performance Check results in hand you can implement the needed changes internally or we would be glad to help. The Performance Check usually takes two days to perform.

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