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Development Services

Performance Tuning

Database performance tuning is one of the most overlooked aspects in the software world. Software is often developed without any consideration of how it will perform after 2 years of data have been created. Also, IT admins often don’t understand that tuning to your specific usage is required even for out-of-the-box software packages. Needed index optimization is the most common finding from our database health checks and provides the lowest hanging fruit for turning a poor performing database into a racehorse.

Query Writing & Developer Support

Are your software developers or report designers the best people to write optimized queries against your data?  Query writing is a different skill than coding or laying out data on reports and is best performed by database experts who understand the nuances required to access data in an optimized and well performing.  Our database team can come alongside your software or BI team and help write queries or audit them before they get deployed to production.

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